KUDAR is a game. It is set in the world called KUDAR. History of the KUDAR is stretched over four eras:

I Era, the Age of Myths

First self-aware race on KUDAR were dragons. Than appeared orcs and goblins.

When elves arrived, started to collect information and created first pages of KUDAR history. First three races, except dragons, are called old races or spiky ears to differ them from races which appeared later. Elves appeared in the east and settled in the most of northern KUDAR.

Then came invasion of orcs on the elves lands in the north – western KUDAR. That resulted in slavery and escape of elves. East of northern KUDAR still belongs to elven kingdoms ruled by dragons.

New races arrived. Those were humans, dwarfs and ogres. They are called also round ears. They pushed orcs and elves east and south. Dwarfs and humans brought the iron work technologies. Additionally there are magical races like undeads and daemons.

First human settlers landed in the north-west cost of KUDAR, in the land later called Greenland, near the city Westport.

Humans conquered countries Greenland and Midlands pushing or destroying orcs tribes who occupied the whole area. Additionally people created alliance with dwarfs who came out of mountains north of Midlands. Those mountain country become known as Highland.

Elves who lived in Greenland and Midlands were very suspicious of humans. They needed help to fight orcs but they did not want new occupants.
During middle III era humans conquered countries Reichfeld and Neuville pushing or destroying orcs tribes. Next humans conquered countries Korona, Volhynia and Chernopyl and pushed nomadic elves east.

II Era, the Age of Reason

There are many human kingdoms which as often fight between each other as with other races. There are sporadic invasions of orcs from the south, nomadic elves from the east. Peasants rebel. Different cults spread between humans, specially between poor. Dwarfs introduced black powder weapons and some other inventions in that era.

III Era, the Age of Technology

The new inventions are phones, cars, tanks and machine guns.
I Global War and creation of Union of Ogre Councils.

IV Era, the Age of Madness

II Global War and its aftermath. After disastrous II Global War world is in chaos. World regress into chaotic mix of city-states and war-bands.